The friendliness is nice to participate and meet other people

STEMFAIRNET – Milan – Inspiring experiences through STEAM fairs

STEMFAIRNET – Brussels – I want to be an astronaut!

STEMFAIRNET – Milan – Science fairs as tool for career decissions

What I learned for the science fair will be useful for my future
Enthusiasts students joining forces to create STEAM projects

We like working in a laboratory
This project makes us more close to science in practice
Presenting the project abroad is different than doing it abroad

We tried to merge our passions with this project

We thought that this project has to be seen by other people

The most exciting: the help of the blind girl we met during the conference
The most important thing I learnt was to be always curious

We learned how to set an experimental work in order to obtain the best 
This experience helped me enhancing my creativity
Connections with other people and multi-level approach to a problem
It is important to communicate our findings to other people
Working in group has been very motivating
Our generation needs to solve problems connected with environment
Putting together economy and environment issues was useful to change my approach
An experience that helped a lot to choose my future study career
Learning in a different way
I learned how to tackle with ethics
Asiatic wasp
We wanted to create a bioplastic to save the oceans
Most difficult is to keep working when everything is going bad
Cadeira de rodas controlada via PENSAMENTO!
We learnt to improve our skills and work in a team
STEMFAIRNET -Brussels – Fernanda Garcia
Doing science to help teachers and parents with autistic students
Mi referencia ha sido mi madre