Erasmus+ programme: 2018-1-ES01-KA201-050025

STEMFAIRNET project aims firstly to create a transnational network of science fairs and secondly to exchange good practices to improve both STEM competences and inclusion of all students. The project is conceived with the aim of enhance mid-school and high school students (12-18 years old) on science, technology and mathematics competences through the innovation on science fairs organisation.

Specifically, STEMFAIRNET logoSTEMFAIRNET is committed to science fairs as initiatives with great potential in the field of STEM education. Despite the great success of this type of events, the fact that the organizations responsible for these fairs are of a different nature, and that there is no common and well-founded framework on how to design and organize them, sometimes leads to these events fall into something anecdotal and isolated from the educational activity of the participants. In this sense, the STEMFAIRNET project seeks to generate knowledge through the exchange of good practices, which allow existing European science fairs (and those that may arise in the future) to go a step further, promoting a framework especially aimed at: 1) optimizing the development of STEM competencies for students between 12 and 18 years old; 2) promote among the youngest the interest in STEM studies and careers; 3) promote the inclusion of all students in the participation of science fairs, not only students with better academic performance (as is usual); 4) create networks between science fairs, to encourage the exchange of good practices, knowledge, teachers and students.

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